How to Choose The Best Electric Blanket

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Choose the best electric blanket

Blankets today are far more advanced than their counterparts 10 years ago. Modern electric blankets come with numerous more features as well as improved safety. An electric blanket is a great way to stay warm without having to switch on the heating. Features added to the best electric blanket are as below:

  1. Dual Controllers
    This feature allows you to choose two different temperatures for each side of the bed. You can choose to keep one side of the bed cooler if that is how your partner chooses it while keeping a warmer temperature for yourself or vice versa. Hence, if you have a different heating preference to your partner this is a great way to ensure both of you are comfortable.
  2. Automatic shut off
    This feature allows the blanket to shut off after 10 – 12 hours of use. This feature is ideal for people who may forget to switch off the electric blanket or may be in a rush in the morning. This feature also improves the safety of the blanket making it safer to use than blankets produced over 10 years ago.
  3. Cordless
    Wires often get tangled and messy. Cords are also unsightly as they dangle from the edge of your bed. These wires can also be a massive safety hazard as in the dark you could trip on them. Blankets today come with the option of being cordless. Thus, you now have the option of buying a blanket that is cordless and hassle free.
  4. Machine Washable
    Blankets today can be washed. However, you should make sure to read the instructions to get clear guidelines on how to best wash the blanket without causing any damages or spoiling it.
  5. Warranty
    Despite the extra cost a warranty for your electric blanket may be well worth it. In case of any malfunctions or problems you can always contact the service company to troubleshoot. If the blanket is faulty or can not be repaired the warranty will allow you to get a replacement. Always keep your receipt when getting a warranty.

An electric blanket is a great way to stay warm in winter without racking up a high-energy bill at the end of the month. With improved safety and quality now offered by blankets manufactured today you are sure to be warm and comfortable during the frigid winter months.

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