All You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Air conditioners are among the widely used household appliances across the globe. Their purpose is to regulate indoor temperatures and maintain them at cool and comfortable levels. Air conditioners are usually overlooked making the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ absolutely. Most people attend to these appliances once an issue arises. They end up spending a lot in repairing them. You can save yourself the costs of spending too much in repairs and replacements by maintaining your air conditioner perfectly well. For you to be able to maintain these devices well, you need to have a better understanding of how they work. This article gives you the basics of air conditioners and guides you on how you can maintain them.

The basics

Air conditioners cool indoor temperatures by blowing air out which has been chilled by a unit comprised of a set of cold pipes called the ‘Evaporator Coil.’ The unit is filled with refrigerant, a special liquid similar to the one used in refrigerators. The evaporator coil in the air conditioner absorbs the heat from the air passing through it and this makes the refrigerant change from liquid to gas.

After leaving the Evaporator Coil, the gaseous refrigerant is then pumped into the ‘Condenser’. This coil is usually located outdoor and it is where the refrigerant is condensed into liquid again. There is a compressor located inside the system and is the one that pumps the refrigerant from the evaporator coil to the condenser and vice versa. The pressure needed is maintained by this process which also facilitates evaporates and condensation of the refrigerant at the right coil.

The performance

Air conditioners are different from other appliances in that their mechanical systems are quite complex and they require specific factors for them to function optimally. All the air conditioners are also not the same as each is designed to accommodate a certain load. The amount of refrigerant depends on this load.

Changes in the environmental factors or the load could make the air conditioner not function pretty well. It might also not cope with very high levels of heat inside the building. High levels of heat could be as a result of an increase in equipment generating heat or even because the number of the occupants has increased.

Another thing that could make your air conditioner not perform at an optimal level is in the case of a leakage within the system or when the air flowing through the evaporator coil and condenser reduces significantly. A drop in the capacity of the unit is also likely to affect its performance. While the leak issues can be repaired by a professional mechanic, you can rectify the reduced air flow problem.

How do you maintain and service your air conditioner?

Maintenance and servicing of your air conditioner are two critical issues as far as the device is concerned. They should be carried out promptly without overlooking them lest your machine gets overly damaged in the long run. Changing or even cleaning the ‘Air Filter’ is a simple thing yet very crucial. The filter plays a very key role in removing particles in the air passing to the evaporator coil. As such, it keeps the coil clean making it function unhindered. Failure to clean makes dust and dirt particles accumulate on the filter and with time, they clog the air flow to the coils.

Apart from the filter, be sure also to clean the evaporator, condenser coils as well as the drains. Any dust or dirt particles accumulated around these parts reduces the air flow into the system and this ultimately affects the output. Remember that the condenser is the outdoor unit and as such, it should be located strategically where the air flow is pretty high.

You should also constantly check the ducts because they can affect the way the whole system works. They usually drain huge amounts of energy and also reduce the air cooling in the system. Be sure to seal them as this can save energy of 25% more and also increase the cool air from the unit.

When to call a professional

Although there are some air conditioner maintenance and servicing that you can do yourself, you also need the services of a professional to service your device regularly. The professional should do the following:

  • Check the refrigerant level
  • Examine if there are any leakages and rectify them accordingly
  • Release the refrigerant that ought to be released, if any
  • Check the amount of the airflow
  • Check whether the electrical terminals are in good order
  • Examine motor for faults and check whether there are any wear and tear in the fan belts

It is about time that you start giving your air conditioner proper attention just like your car. Failure to take good care of your machine is costly as the whole system can fail forcing you to replace it. Don’t postpone resolving any slight issue that may arise.

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